Asshole Cuomo takes credit for defeating COVID-19 in New York.

In Soviet Union we used to say thank you to our dear leaders for anything, even for changing seasons. Thank you comrade Stalin because summer has come this year. Now we should kiss ass of fucking lying democrat assholes for things that happened without any intervention from their side. In fact, most of the time those bitches made things worse but anyway they claim credit.

Thank you cocksucker Cuomo for riots in NYC, for thousands deaths in nursing homes, for encouraging racist behavior of African Americans and for ruining NY economy during this very natural regular viral epidemic.

I am sure you will be in hell for you lies as well as rest of assholes who belongs to Democratic Party.

Why NYPD officers do not wear masks?

Basically I have read article in NYT about the subject. Liberal assholes from NYT want to know why NYPD officers refuse to wear face masks? I can tell you why – most of the officers already have antibodies to COVID-19. Why should any person with immunity wear a mask?

I already had COVID-19. It was the most terrible six weeks of my life. Mostly because liberal assholes’ propaganda Imprinted in my mind that it was sickness with high mortality rate. Bullshit! Fear weakened my immune system. Constant psychological stress led to very long recovery, otherwise I would be fine in two weeks instead of six.

Asshole Cuomo closed NY too late and now refuse to open it though most New Yorkers already have immunity just to prolong economic pain and riots. The guy should be court marshaled. When they closed this country based on idea that it was going to be four to five percent mortality rate it seemed right thing to do three month ago, but real mortality rate turned out to be less than 0.3%. Most New-Yorkers have antibodies now. Liberal assholes just killing economy to remove Trump from White House.

Fucking Democrats are killing this Country!

If you do not support your Police you support criminals. Police brutality my ass. Country where you can not go to Macy’s for shopping because it is closed by government due to common cold epidemic but any thug can go to “peaceful” protest and loot any store without a fear of being shot or arrested will be history soon.

Police have right to kill any criminal if he or she is resisting arrest, especially if this criminal has long criminal record . If you do not support this rule you’ll be enjoying United States of Zambezi very soon in your own neighborhood.

What a fuck is going on with this country?

What is impeachment?

Current impeachment situation is a scheme of people who openly supported ISIS in Syria. Have given arms and money to terrorists. Staged fake chemical attacks. All of this for only one goal – to destroy Syria and oust president Assad. Millions of victims and numerous war crimes happens because Democratic party leaders and CIA thought they are invincible and can do anything without any consequences.

Right now they feel that some day all their crimes that they have done in Syria, Ukraine, Turkey, Yemen, Libya will became known to American public because of president Trump and they trying to destroy him.

It will not happen. All war criminals no matter what high position they have right now in American government will eventually face the law. This is America. The only country with real democracy. Sometimes American people make mistakes, but the system will always correct itself.

Current Bullshit

I started trading again. It is casino, but I do not think I can invent anything more entertaining for my boring office time killing life sucking environment than stock trading. I finish this month of total world stock market investors despair in decent 2.5% return. Not bad at all, but again I’m doing this not for money, but for entertainment.

American stock market investor is very stupid fellow. He actually believes that Donald Trump can deliver a trade deal with China. Some stupid American investors even think that China will open its financial market fully to American banks and they really count on quick deal and sudden stock market appreciation. What a bunch of stupid morons. Those morons also were stupid enough to believe that Putin would be ousted of power, that Assad would flee Damask and Russian killers executed chemical attack on British soil. They believed all of this for years. Now they believe that Trump will force China to open its market to American oligarchs. Yeah… Also Vladimir Putin will return Crimea to Nazi Ukraine any minute. Any minute now…

This is not all, American stupid investor believes that real estate market somehow will survive because Federal Reserve has promised to be more reasonable with future interest rates increases. Like real estate market depends on how big mortgage rates are. Real Estate market depends on Chinese investors who were buying houses and apartments all over the world spending billions each day in cash for last 10 years. Now this regular Chinese investor has died of natural causes – Mainland economic slowdown. Why the fuck you expecting a miracle on this market when main consumer is dead? Why cares how big mortgage rates are going to be? There is no Buyers anymore… Only sellers – American baby boomers… They selling their houses in droves along with their adult children who still live in basements and smart enough (product of American education) not to be office slaves like their parents were.

Friends-not-Friends puzzle

America’s top nuclear commander warned Tuesday that Russia and China are not “friends” of the U.S. while the two nations sprint to develop hypersonic weapons, a threat the U.S. currently cannot defend against.

American Propaganda Liar detected. Today’s liar is America’s top nuclear commander John Hyten. OMG, Russia and China develop hyper-sonic weapons to destroy America. They are definitely not among our friends.

The US General forgot to mention that Russia and China develop hyper-sonic weapons to defend their countries against huge US Navy, which can destroy both China and Russia in 20 minutes by employing nuclear-tipped tomahawks cruise missiles. Yes, just twenty minutes and “Mission Accomplished”. Victorious US Navy goes home.

There is no other way to drown modern high-tech US Navy battleship except by hypersonic anti-ship missile.

U.S. Withdraws From ABM Treaty
U.S. Withdraws From ABM Treaty

Twenty years ago, United States broke Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and started development of ballistic missile interceptors surrounding Russia and China diminishing their capabilities to respond in case of nuclear attack. To defend itself in case of nuclear holocaust Russia began development of hypersonic weapons capable to avoid any defense systems. Putin warned American People that Russia would do these 18 years ago, but American Government would not listen.

Now top American generals show surprise and blame Russia and China for everything. It is their job to invent enemies. They get paid for this. While American People keep silence, US war industry can do whatever they want.

Hello Americans, it is your hard earn money and your lives at stake here. It was not Russia and not China supplying Syrian terrorists with modern weapon to remove Assad from power. Assad is definitely is not a good guy (different culture – different standards of good and bad), but this is another story. You cannot support Islamic terrorists in order to make world better. Unfortunately, you just do not care about lives of millions of civilians who were killed in Syria or forced to flee the country. To make you sleep better at nights you blamed everything on Putin and Assad.

Saudis started civil disorder in Syria, you sent arms to rebels (a.k.a terrorists), Turkey was buying oil from ISIS, but Putin who openly supported Syrian government is responsible of everything. Undeniable logic. I forgot to mention multiple CIA staged chemical attacks in Syria to justify US Military involvement.

You cannot threaten other countries and expect they will be friends to you.

There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children and United States of America

American ruling elite live in its own imaginable world, which seems to be very real to them. They impose sanctions and tariffs on other nations, asking government of independent countries to change behavior according to rules existed only in “imaginable world” of American politicians, and worst of all, while hiding behind their own narcissism, they cannot see anything positive at all in other cultures who traditionally were rivals or geopolitical competitors to the American Power.

They are so narcissistic, so whenever they see even bigger narcissist than they are, like Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin, they cannot stand it and unleash their hate and poison to kill their enemy as only serpents would do. This is all what they can do – poison everything when they see a hint of rivalry. If they forced to speak to their competition because there is no other way to solve some problem, they bring to the table nothing practical or pragmatic. Everyone must accept American exceptionalism or else…

Last time when America contributed something positive to the human civilization was Mister Henry Ford’s invention of speedy car assembly line, which we call a conveyer. Thank you for this America and stop already with you exceptionalism, arrogance and narcissism. Focus on you own problems; you have a lot of them. I am not talking about same sex marriage legalization, racial inequality and division, sexism, or wealth distribution problem; those are imaginable problems, invented to divert general public opinion from real problems whish we have in this country. America still is a land of opportunities, I am a prove of this, but we should stop to pretend that we know everything better than other nations, we should stop to support terrorists and nationalists whenever we think it is good for our foreign affairs and we definitely should stop to blame other nations for our own faults. They will remember it and will act accordingly.

United States of America threatened Stalin (its own ally) with atomic weapon during Potsdam conference where destiny of post war Europe was decided. Stalin did not have a choice after this threat, but to occupy half of Europe for half of century just to make it impossible for American bombers with nuclear bombs on board to reach Moscow. American bombers were out of range this way. It was a stupid move of President Truman to threat Stalin. Stalin was not a fool neither he was afraid of nuclear weapon. The only way to solve this problem for Stalin was to make sure that American bombers had no chance to reach Soviet Union. This is why he drew red line between western and eastern Europe and this line was drown far enough from Soviet Union borders.

Do you understand now the real reason why half of Europe became communist? Or you like to believe idiotic idea about Soviet Empire and evil mind of Joseph Stalin who wanted to grab the entire world and hide it in his own pocket? Stalin was an old and wise man when he crushed Nazi Germany. He knew his days were counted. Why would he needed a half of Europe? Except, to make sure that Russia was safe.

Every Time when America threatening anyone with military force, American Military Industrial complex wins big contracts, but millions of people loses their freedom and sometimes even their life.

Americans invented their own version of history of human civilization based on ideological clichés instead of real facts, the same way as soviets did. American ideologists simplified history to the constant fight of good and evil where America was undeniable Good and anyone, who happens to think differently, was a pure evil.

Most of American population believe in this simplified history, moreover, they just do not care if it even is a truth or lie. The only important thing that all Americans care about is money. Have you ever seen anyone who earned a lot of money studying history? Not worth it. So why bother about real facts? Stalin was the same species with Hitler. Putin was a former KGB agent. KGB was an evil organization. America can do whatever it likes to do because American people are good and wish the rest of the world only the best. America even can kill millions of bad people only because it is necessary to fight an evil.

Why do you think China became communist country after world war two? American Revenge for Pearl Harbor was unstoppable. Was it necessary for the United States to crush Imperial Japan? Even when Japan was already on her knees and was ready to negotiate peace. Did not American Political elite know that crushing Military power of Japan would put China under influence of Stalin? Did Japan do the same to American people what Hitler had done to the Soviet Union? Did Japan killed 26 million of Americans the same way as Nazis had done to Soviets? Why America destroyed Imperial Japan and increased influence of Stalin in Asia by doing this? Was it necessary?

Bismarck used to say, “There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children and United States of America”. Do you think Providence will protect America forever, or America need to change its behavior a little bit?

Why Russia sold its American Treasuries?

Not so much the big news, but it’s being broadcast by American mass media with enough frequency that it was impossible not to notice – Russia sold almost all American Treasuries that were in its possesion. The event is not very important. Russia was fifteenth biggest holder of US Treasuries. American Mass Media emphasizes that if China would begin to sell its bonds – the holder number one, then certainly it would be some sort of disasters event. But Russia is so a small player on this market.

However, there is much to think about, especially since the Putin administration never makes hasty decisions. It is obvious that the discharge of treasuries was well thought out and the time is well chosen. What is it really? 100 billion in three months? Are they scared of sanctions? Or they have conceived to do something bad with American interests, so they deduce American assets in advance?

Probably not that and not another. Russia sold American Treasuries because it has some knowledge about the upcoming event, which has already been scheduled, but has not yet happened. All this resembles a well-directed game. I do not rule out even that Russia received information from China that the Chinese preparing to do something bad on American Treasuries market, but tiped the partner (Russia) to sell before they start. China decided to let Russia leave the game first and not to hurt his partner.

Russia probably is a small player in the twenty-trillion US bond market, but nevertheless it is a well-informed player and I would recommend not to downplay actions of Russian bankers.