putin mccain

putin mccain

Did Russia interfere American election?

The whole idea is absurd. There are lot of countries who really interfere with American election. Most notorious are Israel and Saudi Arabia. Both these countries pay billions of dollars for lobbying their interests in America. Hell, those countries have big interests in American support, which is always for sale for right amount of money. What interest Russia or Putin have in America? I mean, except just meddling with election process. What they were trying to accomplish?

Russia does not need any support from US. Russia does not need any approval from US. Russia is self-sufficient country who can promote its influence without meddling with American election process.

If tomorrow, Putin suddenly decides to move capital of Russia from Moscow to Kiev (Ancient Russian Capital) he will not need any support for doing this from Trump or any other American President. He will just do it, and population of Ukraine will support him (worst nightmare of American political elite), unlike this, Government of Israel needs American support to move its capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Saudis needs American support and supply of weapon and military equipment to continue their war against people of Yemen.

Do you really think Russia needs your approval to legitimize Crimea annexation? Please, be serious.
Russia did not interfere with American election, but during last thirty years multiple members of American political crowd were trying to advance their political career growth by meddling with Russian democracy.

However, it was an epic fail. Instead of collapse of USSR version 2, Instead of removing Putin from power, they made him so strong that Russia now became autocracy once again. Make no mistake; Russia became autocracy recently only because of American meddling in Russian elections, but not vice versa.

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