The missile is designed to target US and NATO warships

The missile is designed to target US and NATO warships

Friends-not-Friends puzzle

America’s top nuclear commander warned Tuesday that Russia and China are not “friends” of the U.S. while the two nations sprint to develop hypersonic weapons, a threat the U.S. currently cannot defend against.

American Propaganda Liar detected. Today’s liar is America’s top nuclear commander John Hyten. OMG, Russia and China develop hyper-sonic weapons to destroy America. They are definitely not among our friends.

The US General forgot to mention that Russia and China develop hyper-sonic weapons to defend their countries against huge US Navy, which can destroy both China and Russia in 20 minutes by employing nuclear-tipped tomahawks cruise missiles. Yes, just twenty minutes and “Mission Accomplished”. Victorious US Navy goes home.

There is no other way to drown modern high-tech US Navy battleship except by hypersonic anti-ship missile.

U.S. Withdraws From ABM Treaty
U.S. Withdraws From ABM Treaty

Twenty years ago, United States broke Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and started development of ballistic missile interceptors surrounding Russia and China diminishing their capabilities to respond in case of nuclear attack. To defend itself in case of nuclear holocaust Russia began development of hypersonic weapons capable to avoid any defense systems. Putin warned American People that Russia would do these 18 years ago, but American Government would not listen.

Now top American generals show surprise and blame Russia and China for everything. It is their job to invent enemies. They get paid for this. While American People keep silence, US war industry can do whatever they want.

Hello Americans, it is your hard earn money and your lives at stake here. It was not Russia and not China supplying Syrian terrorists with modern weapon to remove Assad from power. Assad is definitely is not a good guy (different culture – different standards of good and bad), but this is another story. You cannot support Islamic terrorists in order to make world better. Unfortunately, you just do not care about lives of millions of civilians who were killed in Syria or forced to flee the country. To make you sleep better at nights you blamed everything on Putin and Assad.

Saudis started civil disorder in Syria, you sent arms to rebels (a.k.a terrorists), Turkey was buying oil from ISIS, but Putin who openly supported Syrian government is responsible of everything. Undeniable logic. I forgot to mention multiple CIA staged chemical attacks in Syria to justify US Military involvement.

You cannot threaten other countries and expect they will be friends to you.

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