Did Russia interfere American election?

The whole idea is absurd. There are lot of countries who really interfere with American election. Most notorious are Israel and Saudi Arabia. Both these countries pay billions of dollars for lobbying their interests in America. Hell, those countries have big interests in American support, which is always for sale for right amount of money. What interest Russia or Putin have in America? I mean, except just meddling with election process. What they were trying to accomplish?

Russia does not need any support from US. Russia does not need any approval from US. Russia is self-sufficient country who can promote its influence without meddling with American election process.

If tomorrow, Putin suddenly decides to move capital of Russia from Moscow to Kiev (Ancient Russian Capital) he will not need any support for doing this from Trump or any other American President. He will just do it, and population of Ukraine will support him (worst nightmare of American political elite), unlike this, Government of Israel needs American support to move its capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Saudis needs American support and supply of weapon and military equipment to continue their war against people of Yemen.

Do you really think Russia needs your approval to legitimize Crimea annexation? Please, be serious.
Russia did not interfere with American election, but during last thirty years multiple members of American political crowd were trying to advance their political career growth by meddling with Russian democracy.

However, it was an epic fail. Instead of collapse of USSR version 2, Instead of removing Putin from power, they made him so strong that Russia now became autocracy once again. Make no mistake; Russia became autocracy recently only because of American meddling in Russian elections, but not vice versa.

Can a Nationalist be a Democrat?

All developed democracies in the world were primarily nationalistic, until they gained an advantage in technology. Once a technological advantage has been achieved on the world market, they have become globalist, while simultaneously condemning any manifestations of nationalism in other countries that are still dependent on foreign technologies.

Is it possible to be a globalist and justify nationalism? It is impossible, unless of course we are talking about the nationalism of the State of Israel, whose nationalism is approved absolutely by all globalists. Globalism, biting off a pieces of the economic environment of Russia, naturally enter into conflict with Russian nationalism, but to argue that nationalism is synonymous with autocracy is a lie built on counterfeit by globalists history.

Globalism is the concept of today. If it did not conflict with the national interests of individual states, then this is in principle quite a progressive phenomenon; devouring resources of the planet, corrupting national elites, diminishing traditional moral code, but still progressive. “Let the chips fall where they may”.

On the contrary, Nationalism is trying to balance this uncontrolled devouring of the planet’s resources. Nationalism is based on tradition, globalism is only hindered by tradition, it needs a cosmopolitan consumer free from any moral conventions .

Therefore, as soon as the social organism of the nation feels that it is necessary to slightly correct the system, a healthy nationalism enters into the matter. It can be economic, not just military. It is not necessary to seize other people’s land, you need to seize foreign markets or protect your markets from others. Tariffs are a protection tool. Sanctions are an instrument of attack.

As soon as the system is adjusted , the conflict between “globalists” and “nationalists” disappears from the society.

Trump-Putin Hysteria

The whole hysteria of American Public Media about Trump-Putin summit was predictable. Those people, who have been supporting terrorists in Syria and Iraq. Those people who helped overturned democratically elected government in Ukraine and started civil war in this Country, and most importantly those people who put all blame of what they did on Vladimir Putin, those people are still running America. They are all members of American Government and Ruling Elite.

They are the same people who were selling off America destroying American economy, moving jobs oversees and money to offshore banks. They created the chaos in many countries and for last 16 years were blaming Russia for their own sins.

Over the last ten years of their leadership in the State Department, the CIA and the FBI, more than a million people have been killed in the Middle East, 10 million refugees flee their countries.

The only one who stood in the way of all this rampant revelry was Russia. For this fault Russia has received the fierce hatred of American ruling class.

How can a murderer not hate his judge? How can a criminal love someone who consistently puts on the table the evidence of a crime, who does not retreat for a minute from his course?

What is wrong with Socialism?

Socialism is corruption, it is the looting of the state budget, this is the tendency to misjudge reality. It is the degradation of the human person and the strengthening of the role of the state system. This is the realm of the licensing system, it is the evaluation of a person by the length of service (seniority) but not by talent, it is the grayness of consciousness and this is unfair competition.

To date, the only capitalist power in the G8 is Russia. This is very disturbing to Western Socialism.

Russia fell out of the realm of socialism twenty years ago and now lives in the real world, and not in the world invented by Luis Carroll.

Russia, for example, can, without special consequences for itself, stop supplying gas to Western Europe. This greatly frightens the West. Russia has already accumulated foreign currency enough for fifty years in advance to pay for vital imports.

I, of course, understand that following the cut-off of gas, the West’s response will be a ban on the delivery of modern technologies to Russia. So many times it was in the history of Russia when West applied economic sanctions and Russian People suffered a great deal. But on the other hand – judge for yourself – Russia sells the necessary raw materials to the West for a hundred billion dollars, and West sells vital technology to Russia only five billion.

Disparity is immediately evident. In fact, every year, Russia coversĀ  need for necessary imports for twenty years ahead. Therefore, the question arises – where to put all this money? US Treasuries? Please…

The only sensible way to invest is the expansion of Russian capital to the West. In this Russia is consistently denied.

Remember how the USSR did not let American capital into its domestic market? Now the United Socialist States of America and the European Socialist Union do not let Russian capital into theirs economies. Why? Because modern capitalist Russia will be able to quickly take over the entire socialist European and American business.

I do not want to be unfounded. We all know that, according to Western Mass Media, the world is currently divided into “DEMOCRACY” and “AUTOCRACY”, and not to the Capitalist and Socialist camps as it was in the past. However, I always knew one truth that was expressed in the Russian folk wisdom – “What ever you do, but your ass is always be behind”, which for me means that the former capitalist camp, which for the past twenty years consciously pursued a policy of strengthening the role of the state in the economy and increase in cash payments for the poor, has now turned into a world of SOCIALISM.

Socialism can also be considered a social system in which there is no social conflict.

Western demagogues, having solved the social conflicts of Western civilization with the help of handouts, naively called themselves “democracy.” No, this is not democracy, if you do not have dissatisfied people. This is the usual and always well-working principle – “Bread and Spectacles”. As soon as bread and circuses are not enough for everyone, social conflict and even revolution return to society. Revolution is a radical solution to social conflict. Orange revolutions, because of their artificiality, did not and could not decide anything. Therefore, they are not revolutions, but coups. In such countries as Ukraine and Georgia, the social conflict remained and was simply disguised.