Potsdam Conference

Potsdam Conference

There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children and United States of America

American ruling elite live in its own imaginable world, which seems to be very real to them. They impose sanctions and tariffs on other nations, asking government of independent countries to change behavior according to rules existed only in “imaginable world” of American politicians, and worst of all, while hiding behind their own narcissism, they cannot see anything positive at all in other cultures who traditionally were rivals or geopolitical competitors to the American Power.

They are so narcissistic, so whenever they see even bigger narcissist than they are, like Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin, they cannot stand it and unleash their hate and poison to kill their enemy as only serpents would do. This is all what they can do – poison everything when they see a hint of rivalry. If they forced to speak to their competition because there is no other way to solve some problem, they bring to the table nothing practical or pragmatic. Everyone must accept American exceptionalism or else…

Last time when America contributed something positive to the human civilization was Mister Henry Ford’s invention of speedy car assembly line, which we call a conveyer. Thank you for this America and stop already with you exceptionalism, arrogance and narcissism. Focus on you own problems; you have a lot of them. I am not talking about same sex marriage legalization, racial inequality and division, sexism, or wealth distribution problem; those are imaginable problems, invented to divert general public opinion from real problems whish we have in this country. America still is a land of opportunities, I am a prove of this, but we should stop to pretend that we know everything better than other nations, we should stop to support terrorists and nationalists whenever we think it is good for our foreign affairs and we definitely should stop to blame other nations for our own faults. They will remember it and will act accordingly.

United States of America threatened Stalin (its own ally) with atomic weapon during Potsdam conference where destiny of post war Europe was decided. Stalin did not have a choice after this threat, but to occupy half of Europe for half of century just to make it impossible for American bombers with nuclear bombs on board to reach Moscow. American bombers were out of range this way. It was a stupid move of President Truman to threat Stalin. Stalin was not a fool neither he was afraid of nuclear weapon. The only way to solve this problem for Stalin was to make sure that American bombers had no chance to reach Soviet Union. This is why he drew red line between western and eastern Europe and this line was drown far enough from Soviet Union borders.

Do you understand now the real reason why half of Europe became communist? Or you like to believe idiotic idea about Soviet Empire and evil mind of Joseph Stalin who wanted to grab the entire world and hide it in his own pocket? Stalin was an old and wise man when he crushed Nazi Germany. He knew his days were counted. Why would he needed a half of Europe? Except, to make sure that Russia was safe.

Every Time when America threatening anyone with military force, American Military Industrial complex wins big contracts, but millions of people loses their freedom and sometimes even their life.

Americans invented their own version of history of human civilization based on ideological clichés instead of real facts, the same way as soviets did. American ideologists simplified history to the constant fight of good and evil where America was undeniable Good and anyone, who happens to think differently, was a pure evil.

Most of American population believe in this simplified history, moreover, they just do not care if it even is a truth or lie. The only important thing that all Americans care about is money. Have you ever seen anyone who earned a lot of money studying history? Not worth it. So why bother about real facts? Stalin was the same species with Hitler. Putin was a former KGB agent. KGB was an evil organization. America can do whatever it likes to do because American people are good and wish the rest of the world only the best. America even can kill millions of bad people only because it is necessary to fight an evil.

Why do you think China became communist country after world war two? American Revenge for Pearl Harbor was unstoppable. Was it necessary for the United States to crush Imperial Japan? Even when Japan was already on her knees and was ready to negotiate peace. Did not American Political elite know that crushing Military power of Japan would put China under influence of Stalin? Did Japan do the same to American people what Hitler had done to the Soviet Union? Did Japan killed 26 million of Americans the same way as Nazis had done to Soviets? Why America destroyed Imperial Japan and increased influence of Stalin in Asia by doing this? Was it necessary?

Bismarck used to say, “There is a Providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children and United States of America”. Do you think Providence will protect America forever, or America need to change its behavior a little bit?

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