putin trump

putin trump

Trump-Putin Hysteria

The whole hysteria of American Public Media about Trump-Putin summit was predictable. Those people, who have been supporting terrorists in Syria and Iraq. Those people who helped overturned democratically elected government in Ukraine and started civil war in this Country, and most importantly those people who put all blame of what they did on Vladimir Putin, those people are still running America. They are all members of American Government and Ruling Elite.

They are the same people who were selling off America destroying American economy, moving jobs oversees and money to offshore banks. They created the chaos in many countries and for last 16 years were blaming Russia for their own sins.

Over the last ten years of their leadership in the State Department, the CIA and the FBI, more than a million people have been killed in the Middle East, 10 million refugees flee their countries.

The only one who stood in the way of all this rampant revelry was Russia. For this fault Russia has received the fierce hatred of American ruling class.

How can a murderer not hate his judge? How can a criminal love someone who consistently puts on the table the evidence of a crime, who does not retreat for a minute from his course?

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