NYC riots

NYPD officers refuse to wear masks

Why NYPD officers do not wear masks?

Basically I have read article in NYT about the subject. Liberal assholes from NYT want to know why NYPD officers refuse to wear face masks? I can tell you why – most of the officers already have antibodies to COVID-19. Why should any person with immunity wear a mask?

I already had COVID-19. It was the most terrible six weeks of my life. Mostly because liberal assholes’ propaganda Imprinted in my mind that it was sickness with high mortality rate. Bullshit! Fear weakened my immune system. Constant psychological stress led to very long recovery, otherwise I would be fine in two weeks instead of six.

Asshole Cuomo closed NY too late and now refuse to open it though most New Yorkers already have immunity just to prolong economic pain and riots. The guy should be court marshaled. When they closed this country based on idea that it was going to be four to five percent mortality rate it seemed right thing to do three month ago, but real mortality rate turned out to be less than 0.3%. Most New-Yorkers have antibodies now. Liberal assholes just killing economy to remove Trump from White House.

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